"How Great Thou Art" - Socially Engaged Art Creation for /with all

“How Great Thou Art” – Socially Engaged Art Creation for /with all

  称是宏美 共享、社群藝術參予創作

   Multi media Art Installation 


  Dec  2022

構思:和不同能力及年齡的藝術愛好者,共同創作,以各人獨特表達方式來禮讚      神創造之宏美,在一個寧靜空間,下垂約五十多卷彩墨創作,參觀者可輕步進入,如沐浴林木神恩雨之下,一個可靜思的空間。靜享音樂、呼吸。默念神恩。

Concept:  : Create together with art lovers of different abilities and ages, and use their unique expressions to praise the beauty of God’s creation. In a quiet space, about 50 pieces of colored ink scrolls hanging  down. Visitors can enter with gentle and quiet  steps, as if under the shower of  God’s blessings and nature, it is a space for quietness and peace. 

Enjoy the music and breathe. Meditate on God’s grace.