Murmur of the Brick - The White Horse

梁以瑚  Evelyna Liang陪玩員,瘋癲大媽,喜愛在不同社群到處亂跑,現在在荔枝窩有另一稱號:二胡水皮女
Evelyna , crazy grandma, loves to have fun in whatever and every community she’s with, super playmate!  Recently got nickname in Lai chi Wo as “2-woo so-so- gal”!


Two years ago, after I set foot in this ‘warmth’ village, I couldn’t extricate myself. I used rice as an excuse to sing with young crops and rice flowers. Dance and have fun with mud and clay. Gradually I got inhaled into my own roots, pattered band weaving, Hakka Shange, Hakka histories and the people. “Guest”- they call themselves, turns out that, is “I”.

Art Work

Caption 2:


They said I drifted from the North, I said I am from Here.

They say I am guest, I say I am rooted here, the land, the tree, the forest, the ocean and the little streams, all watched me grow

For three hundred years, may be in your memory , I am guest, with all these lingering  links, this is ‘Home” 。