Their Stories Make Me 「她們的故事塑造了我、、、」

藍色陝小的房間 、木盆、小凳、昏黃的燈。「妹仔」生下來就沒有選擇,絕望的一生就在那一頁頁的照片中,向你默然展示。




The stories of previous female generation are expressed through an art installation.
Their memories of life were assembled through the collections of historic materials, and the use of different galleries, rooms and colours to represent different destinies.

In a small blue-toned room, with wooden basin, small stool and dimmed yellowish lighting showed the life of “Dowry maid”. A life born without choice and hope is documented in the turning pages of the photo album.

In an old kitchen scene showed the aging process of “Lesser Wife”. Fifty years rushing in and out of the kitchen made her an expert in cookery. Will her cooking bring her recognition? …… The tree beside the window seems going to blossom.

In comparison “Young Mistress” who did not have much freedom too, but at least she was able to learn how to read and write, choose her own religion, and could show her granddaughter the way to life.

Lastly the “Free Woman” who had freedom of choice, it was showed on the first page of her teenage album with the photo of the mausoleum of 72 patriots at Huanghuagang. With freedom she was able to fulfil her ambition, which is bringing education to the children of Chinese farming villages.