Music Anywhere

Music Anywhere   2015「 香港 • 美善之都 」彩繪鋼琴

Music anywhere

Invited to participate in a public art installations- “ Music Anywhere”, in which different artists were asked to decorate pianos and place them in different places in Hong Kong, allowing people to enjoy music freely. During working on this creation, it was the Hong Kong Umbrella Movement. I recorded the protest in the street, on the square. I named the work “Here / Hear the Voice” and installed these recordings in the piano so that people can play the piano while listening to people’s voices. They can either play, echo or jam with the sound.
My art installation / piano has only been shown in four places in Hong Kong and was vandalized. Someone cut the wire and disconnected the headphones. The organizer immediately withdrew and put the piano in storage (according to them!) …
(I tried searching for my artwork for several months, but it seems it had disappeared!)


被邀參予公共藝術裝置,不同藝術家裝飾鋼琴,並在香港的不同地方擺放,讓人自由享受音樂的樂趣。創作期間正值香港雨傘運動,我在街上廣場錄下了抗議的聲音。 我將作品命名為“這裡/相聞之聲”,並在鋼琴內安裝了這些錄音,人們可以一邊聽人們的聲音一邊彈鋼琴。 他們可以與聲音共奏、共嗚。

我的藝術裝置/鋼琴只在四個地方展示過,遭到破壞,有人切斷電線並斷開了耳機的連接。 組織者立即將鋼琴收回、存放…

Organizer: Hong Kong Art and culture Anywhere Foundation Association



All pianos are donated by

Tom Lee Music通利琴行

Piano: the voices of the people