Hugging Seat 愛椅






忽然李好用手把我拉近: 「二胡姑娘、、、妳坐在我的大脾上、讓我攬一吓、好不好?」









That afternoon, Li Ho was holding my hands.

“Who are you, Miss? Your hands are so warm!”

She gently rubbed my hands and smiled at me.

She is 100 years old, had lost all her sight, and suffered from dementia. But every time we visited the center for art activities, she would always greet us with a smile. She cannot remember who we were but she knows our hands, our touch.

That afternoon, we were singing, listening to Tong Tong’s old melody, uncle Yan and Sengi’s erhu playing. I tried to sing ‘Little red ribbon…’ but had totally sung out of tune. Uncle Yan jokingly said it’s a bit ‘chilly’ in there, and we all laughed to the comments.

Suddenly, Li Ho grabbed my hands and said, “Ms. Yi-woo, come sit down on my lap and let me hold you.” “Come, you must be tired, do not be scared, let me hold you.” clapping on her lap and gesturing me to sit down. Li could no longer use her legs and had to use the wheelchair wherever she goes.

“Oh, I cannot, I am quite heavy.” I replied.

I was totally touched and moved!

Moved because she still can!

She remembers, she knows, she uses hugs to express her love and care.

She wants me to sit and let her embrace me, She still has the power to love.

That day on that gentle afternoon, we all sat on Li Ho’s lap and let her hug us. That day we all laughed and bloomed.


Acrylic on canvas, folding chair and cushion
Interactive sound installation互動聲音裝置
Technical Support技術支援: William Wong 黄嘉豪, Fuk Kuen Wong黄福權