Whose Hands…mold me, shape me…of who I am 誰手.模塑. 造. 我


Working on the wet felting technique on this piece gave me a lot of thoughts. From the very beginning of using wet soapy water on the fluffy fleece, to pressing, rolling folding and squeezing in different direction for over a thousand times. Then waiting for the wool to inter-lock and mold into the form and finally using the natural warmth and moistness from the human hands to give its final sensual quality. This is such as how a person grow to be, through life, million times of challenges, sometimes harsh, sometimes soft. And, there’s always those gentle hands, touched and guide me. Thank you, for molding of who I am!


Medium: wool Felting, fleece, silk, metallic thread, branches and bark on polyester fabric sheet. Electric Blanket
Size: 75cm (w) x 110cm (h)
媒介:羊毛縮絨, 羊毛纖維,絲,金屬線, 樹枝, 樹皮, 滌綸面料. 電熱毯
年份: 2015