Light…Be it Time Deposit 光在、、、墨聚水凝















在香港從事社群藝術、策展及藝術行政20多年,在面對繁重工作之中、默想繪畫一直是我的自我舒緩、心身靈安穩平靜的工具。另一方面、每天能凝視着自 然界中萬變的起伏、靜觀於不動、是一種正向、適在、自在的自療藝術 (Therapeutic Well Being in Art) 。希望在這小型的展覧中、將多年來用作自我藝術療傷的成果向觀眾展示 – 一個心靈洗滌的藝術展覽、簡單的媒體攝影快拍(snap shot) 加浸染繪畫、讓自然界中「時間」的narration論述顯現。



Ever since I was a small child, I have loved to look up to the sky.  I would watch how it gradually turns from dark to light.  I would marvel at how infinitely high and boundless it is.  I would really like to know what exists at the end of virtual nothingness.

I love to watch the clouds.  They sometimes fleet by as light smoke.  At other times, they tower down as black pots.  Sometimes, they disperse as sand.  Then again, they may join up  and surged.

I love to watch the glory of the setting sun with splashes of colour changing fast.  It is just like a kaleidoscope of competing colours.

I love to watch traces of the receding tides on the beach and the ripples of their intimate conversation day in day out.

I love to watch and hear the seething waves.  I wish I could freeze the moment.   I would love  to portray the beauty of time on drawing paper. How should I capture the moment?

I once visited the red desert in Australia.   The myriad of veins on large bedrocks, traces of minerals washed down by rain — they bear witness to time in nature.

Time needs time itself to bear witness.

I hung Chinese paper straight down and stood it in the water.  I added some colour each day to form traces of time.  Subject to climatic conditions, sometimes only 1 cm of water mark could be seen after several days.  At other times, a large footage might just dry out leaving long traces of downward flowing water marks.

The minerals in colour pigment contributed to creating their own patterns.  Air humidity decided the marks on paper.  In the same way, things of nature pertained despite the change of seasons.  Subject to changes of sound, colour, climate — the beauty of poetry and paintings was captured.

I really wish I could read and comprehend the patterns of the universe!

Having been working as a community art facilitator, curator and art administrator for the past 20 some years in Hong Kong, meditative painting/art has always be a tool for me to sooth my own soul among all the hectic and turbulence work style. Everyday I would gaze at the ever changing movement of nature, contemplate in stillness. It is a positive and mindfulness approach as my own therapeutic well being in art. I do hope that in thisexhibition, I can share with you my own way of healing through art, to show the cleansing of the spirit through creative way. Lately, with the blessing of the simple digital snap shots, I can capture all the special moments of heaven and earth, and with my own way of ink work, let nature’s  ‘Time’  be revealed as it’s own narrator.

In this digital age, I am being blessed by able to use the simplest camera to catch a glimpse of nature’s awe. No matter I am at home gazing up the sky from the balcony or traveling, I am always fascinated by the ever changing beauty.Here, I will present to you both, my snapshots and the ink work, let them have a dialogue, let them speak.